Landlord-tenant disputes could mean legal action in Montana

Posted by David J. SteeleAug 10, 20170 Comments

Renting property to other individuals can often work as a successful means of generating income. However, not all professional relationships prove as successful, and landlord\-tenant disputes could cause issues. If such disagreements are not easily resolved, the possibility exists that legal action may need to be taken in hopes of clearing up the situation.

Montana residents may be interested in one such dispute underway in another state. Reports indicated that a restaurant owner claims that a dispute between himself and the owner of the property led to the restaurant's closing. However, the property owner stated that the problems lie with the owner of the restaurant, who closed the establishment's doors without notice and allegedly took property from inside the building.

The property owner stated that he was given a bad check for rent payment and, as a result, told the restaurant owner to vacate the premises in two months. When the landlord went to the restaurant, he found that the owner had gone and taken approximately $40,000 worth of equipment from the building. The property owner apparently owned that equipment and has filed a police report in hopes of getting it back.

As this case underscores, landlord-tenant disputes can become considerably contentious. If Montana property owners are having similar or other issues with their tenants, they may wish to find out more on their legal options when it comes to enforcing rental agreements or other terms. Consulting with knowledgeable attorneys could help concerned parties better understand available legal avenues for addressing serious issues.

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