Wrongful termination claims may stress Montana employers

Posted by David J. SteeleJul 28, 20170 Comments

Employers have many responsibilities to which they must attend. Their positions can prove exceedingly stressful, and even though they may do their best to make their employees happy, contention and conflict can arise. Unfortunately, some situations may even bring about wrongful termination claims that lead to legal action.

Montana residents may be interested in such a situation that was settled in another state. According to recent reports, the case involved a former assistant principal who claimed that he was wrongfully terminated after refusing to lie during a lawsuit against the school. He stated that the superintendent and business administrator both used offensive language to describe a special needs child and his or her parents during the legal proceedings before asking the man to lie.

The man went on to claim that after his refusal, the administrators took actions to make his work environment hostile. He was eventually dismissed from his position, which he claims was unwarranted and wrongful termination. Recently, the administrators and other defendants in the case settled the issue for $55,000, and the settlement states that the resolution was not an admission of guilt and the school denies any wrongdoing.

Wrongful termination claims can wreak havoc on employers. Not only must they attend to their regular job duties, but they must also address the legal proceedings involved with the claims against them. Montana employers who are facing such situations may understandably feel overwhelmed by such predicaments. In order to better understand how to handle their circumstances, interested individuals may wish to enlist the assistance of experienced employment law attorneys.

Source:, “Lenape Valley wrongful termination suit settled”, Katie Moen, July 26, 2017