Contract disputes may cause hardships for Montana employers

Posted by David J. SteeleJun 16, 20170 Comments

Business and employment contracts can often play a vital role in the running of businesses. As each side of the agreement knows what is expected as part of the employment agreement, there may be less likelihood for certain issues to arise. However, the possibility of contract disputes does exist, and employers may find themselves facing difficulties when trying to negotiate.

Montana residents may be interested in such a dispute currently underway in another state. Reports indicated that the issue is between nurses and a medical center at which they work. Apparently, the two sides have been going through contract negotiations without success. The medical center reportedly offered a final contract recently, but the nurses voted to reject the contract, presumably in hopes of gaining terms they find more suitable.

Representatives for the hospital have stated that the contract terms the center proposed would invest $30 million for nursing wages and benefits. The chief executive of the hospital stated that he believes the terms would set up an arrangement for continuing success. However, because of the rejected final contract, it is possible that a strike could take place.

The majority of employers want to do their best to make their employees happy. However, as this case shows, overcoming contract disputes can prove immensely difficult. If Montana employers are facing such predicaments, they may wish to discuss their options with their legal counsel. By gaining sound legal advice, they may be better able to address their situations more fully and determine the best courses for moving forward.

Source: The Boston Globe, “Tufts Medical nurses reject ‘final' contract offer”, Priyanka Dayal McCluskey, June 9, 2017