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Resolving Your Issue Without Costly Litigation

Many people don’t often reflect on how contracts affect their lives.  But in fact, contracts impact Montanans in numerous ways.  From easements to insurance, and from mortgages to buying or selling a business, Missoula attorneys Tim Geiszler, Dave Steele and Layla Turman provide advice and counsel on a wide variety of contract issues, including drafting and negotiation of buy-sell contracts, property contracts, business contracts, and many other types of contracts.  The attorneys at Geiszler Steele, PC also do transactional work, such as drafting contracts and performing contract review.  When you hire the attorneys at Geiszler Steele, you can rest assured that they will draft or revise your contract to protect your rights.  Although they make every effort to resolve your contract issues without resorting to litigation, the attorneys at Geiszler Steele, PC will litigate when necessary to secure your rights.

At Geiszler Steele, PC, our experienced and effective attorneys work one-on-one with each client to customize legal strategies tailored to your individual goals. We can help ensure your rights are protected and your case is resolved efficiently. To get in touch with our trusted contract attorneys, contact our firm today online or call 406-541-4940.

How Can Our Firm Help You?

The attorneys at Geiszler Steele, PC have extensive experience in drafting, negotiating and litigation a broad variety of contract issues. Some examples of contract issues we can help you with include:

  • Asset Purchase Contracts
  • Real Estate Contracts
  • HOA Contracts
  • Insurance Contracts
  • Construction Contracts
  • UCC Contracts and Security Agreements
  • Rental Contracts
  • Services Contracts

For more information about our services, contact Geiszler Steele, PC online or call 406-541-4940.

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