Landlord-tenant disputes could mean legal action in Montana

Renting property to other individuals can often work as a successful means of generating income. However, not all professional relationships prove as successful, and landlord\-tenant disputes could cause issues. If such disagreements are not easily resolved, the possibility exists that legal action may need to be taken in hopes of clearing up the situation. Continue reading

What should you include in your small business employee handbook?

You decided to start your own business. You’ve researched your market and have concepts for a marketing plan. You signed a lease for a commercial space and you’ve got your finances in order. You have done all the groundwork to get your business up and running.

Now you are at the point where you need extra help in your business. You need to hire employees. Before you hire your employees, you will want to create an employee handbook. Continue reading

Wrongful termination claims may stress Montana employers

Employers have many responsibilities to which they must attend. Their positions can prove exceedingly stressful, and even though they may do their best to make their employees happy, contention and conflict can arise. Unfortunately, some situations may even bring about wrongful termination claims that lead to legal action. Continue reading

Business formation may help those in Montana find meaningful work

Most people dream of having a job they enjoy and look forward going to each day. Unfortunately, numerous individuals find themselves having to deal with jobs that they find less than satisfying simply due to needing to make ends meet. However, this dissatisfaction could potentially lead some Montana residents to look into business formation. Continue reading

Discrimination claims may cause stress for Montana employers

Employers have a great deal of responsibility when it comes to ensuring that their workers are treated fairly. They often take the time to implement policies and procedures in hopes of preventing unjust actions from occurring in the workplace. Unfortunately, even after taking such steps, discrimination claims could still be filed against them, and as a result, employers may have legal issues to handle. Continue reading

Amazon-Whole Foods deal brings Internet power to brick-and-mortar

Online retailing giant Amazon is acquiring Whole Foods Market Inc. for approximately $13.7 billion, the companies announced Friday morning. The announcement sent both companies’ stocks tumbling, but that reaction may be premature. It seems both companies have something to gain from the deal. Continue reading

Contract disputes may cause hardships for Montana employers

Business and employment contracts can often play a vital role in the running of businesses. As each side of the agreement knows what is expected as part of the employment agreement, there may be less likelihood for certain issues to arise. However, the possibility of contract disputes does exist, and employers may find themselves facing difficulties when trying to negotiate. Continue reading

Do Department of Livestock recalls deny businesses due process?

When the meat packaging company S&T Project Meats and Ranch House Meats was hit with a recall of its jerky products recently, it led to a discussion with Yellowstone County officials, according to the Billings Gazette. The company complains that it’s unclear what it would need to do to solve the problem. It’s an issue for meat processors around the state, apparently, as the Department of Livestock acknowledged. Continue reading

9th Circuit: Employers can base pay on unjust salary histories

Not everything in the workplace that is unfair is also illegal. That’s a crucial tenet to remember about employment law, and it comes into play more than you might guess.

Consider a recent ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which covers Montana. In the recent case of Rizo v. Yovino, the held that if a company has a reasonable business policy of using salary history as the basis for current pay levels, that employer can end up paying men more than women but it would not be discrimination, necessarily. Continue reading

If an EPA plan won’t get a site clean enough, can landowners try?

You’ve heard of the “Superfund” environmental cleanup law. It’s called the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, or CERCLA, and it allows the EPA to designate locations as hazardous waste sites that are uncontrolled or abandoned, set up plans to clean them up, and seek out the responsible parties for help with the cleanup. Continue reading

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